Tuesday 25 March 2008

Thin Blue Line Started

A couple of weeks ago I did a 1/4 scale sample piece to test out ideas and fabrics for Contemporary Quilt 'Thin Blue Line' challenge. I made it double sided - both main fabrics used were kimono/yakuta ( conveniently already a narrow width ) and painted with acrylics both sides. The woollen slubby fabric didn't work that well (at least on this scale - its delicacy is more suited to postcards etc) but I was pleased with the results on dark blue/black patterned cotton yakuta fabric which has a slightly starched finish So the Easter weekend was spent scaling up! The original inspiration was of boats moored at Gythion in Greece with the 'thin blue line' of hills in the background. I snipped sections out of the photograph to compress it down to a composition and proportions I was happy with and matched some of the colour in fabrics to insert as thin strips. Having to work to a fixed size of 30 x 120cm meant I had to use some maths and measuring to PLAN where I was going to insert them - not my usual style at all (normally I judge by eye and let things evolve)

I used the technique shown by Alison Schwabe - the strips are 3/4 inch wide and using a scant 1/4 inch seam allowance and careful adjusting and matching under the machine, can achieve gentle curves without using bias strips.

I've just started quilting( using the same fabric on the back although without the inserted strips means that if it all goes horribly wrong when painting, I get a second shot!) I'm using Vandana variagated thread and a double or triple needle. I managed to break 2 new double needles by not re-adjusting settings before inserting the needles - blame the Cava consumed!

Next steps are quilting from the back with perle in the bobbin to emphasise the boat masts and some serious hand stitching

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West Country Buddha said...

(previously the wittering rainbow!) I'm so glad I found your blog as I find your work so interesting and original. I use acrylic paints myself on fabric after sewing, but my stuff is nothing like yours at all. I love the way you're brave and go for it, covering it all with paint. It's so effective and speaks volumes.