Friday 27 July 2012

Olympic Torch at Kew

 On  Tuesday the Olympic Torch came through Kew Gardens and I joined the hordes lining the broadwalk, watching Oli Golding carry the torch and the photo opportunity in the middle of the giant Olympic rings in front of the Orangery. It was a lovely atmosphere  with loads of families and minimal security needed ( a lady on a bike asking people politely to move off the Broadwalk and Kew staff as stewards.
 I followed the crowds following the torch out the gate onto Kew Green  where all the cavalcade of  noisy sponsors, buses , film crews and  more police then I've ever seen in one place were gathered - quite a contrast to the relative peace  within  the Gardens.
 Had a good view of the torches 'kiss' though
 Best of all, this morning (Friday) I dashed out of the lab (which overlooks the river)  and onto the tow path just in time to see Gloriana sailing by with the torch on the Thames. They'd been delayed for a while at Teddington Lock so with visitors arriving at 10 I thought I'd miss it . So special.

Friday 20 July 2012

SAQA Auction Dream Collections

I was thrilled to find that my  donation to the SAQA Auction 'Indigo Waves' featuring in not 1 but 2 'Dream Collections' curated by different SAQA members! I'm particularly chuffed to be have been selected by Wen Redmond under the theme 'Painterly' - I admire her atmospheric works hugely.
Started me thinking what my own dream collection would be  - the piece I most covet is that by Deidre Adams and I see I'm not alone.

The online SAQA 2012 Benefit Auction will begin on Monday, September 10th at 2:00 PM Eastern Time and conclude on Sunday, September 30 at 2:00 PM Eastern. My piece is in Section 2 September 17 to 22 - hope it sells!

Tuesday 17 July 2012

From the back.

Going through a difficult time at the moment, stitching on Red Flotsam has been therapeutic,  not thinking too much but responding to the fabrics. The rough back of homespun twill with its unconscious marks  contrasts with the bright colours of the front with carefully blended threads - the currents and eddies swirling beneath the surface.

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Summer School Retreat

I set  off for  retreat at Alston Hall with several projects - rather ambitious since it was only for the weekend! I've been on  3 CQ Summer Schools there, it's a lovely location overlooking the Ribble Valley, with comfortable accommodation and excellent food.  I brought  back  the piece above started   in a Jae Maries workshop in 2009 and was pleased to see that the rusting, lichen covered gate post that inspired it was still untouched  

Likewise the peeling paint of the glasshouse door ( that featured in my Sketchbook Project Limited Edition 'Distressed Doors')
Not doing a workshop and being responsible  for my own timetable, I was able to spend a peaceful couple of hours painting around the grounds, accompanied only by lots of  birdsong.

Like one of other Margaret's I took advantage of the scraps and trimmings brought by Sally-Ann to compose a small fabric sketch - it felt satisfying  to do something responding to the local  environment .

Mainly though I made good progress on stitching my 'Red Flotsam' piece started at Summer School last year with Jo Budd, encouraged by the positive comments from my companions and a few glasses of red wine. A productive, stimulating weekend.