Saturday 19 May 2012

Still Stitching

A busy 10 days since my last post :training; calibrating  microscope camera; freezing bryophytes and most importantly updating my job description at work. Mainly though I'm still stitching my 'Weymouth Waves' - through  TVCT meeting last Saturday ( stopping to listen to excellent talk  by Alysyn Midegelow- Marsden); watching various programmes on BBC4 and  this morning revisiting Upstairs Downstairs  and The Waltons while waiting delivery of a new guest bed. Also just picked up a new pair of varifocal glasses which will take a while to get used to.

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Indigo Waves - SAQA Quilt Auction Donation

I made good progress this weekend on my quilt which I hope to enter for SAQA 'Wide Horizons'.
This is the 12 x 12 " sample 'Indigo Waves' I made for trying out stitching and I've decided to donate it to the SAQA quilt auction. Form filled in and quilt packaged for postage today - hope it does well!

Monday 7 May 2012

David Nash Wood Quarry

 I left work early on Friday to walk down to the 'Wood Quarry' of David Nash. Nobody working but evidence of some interesting works at different stages of development.
 There were some sketches on blackboards which showed how sections of the tree would be used for varied artworks. I particularly liked the ent-like  figures made of branches that looked like they'd walk off under their own  momentum. The column in situ references the pagoda not too far away and also brought to mind the 'totem' qualities in David Hockney's paintings - thinking how different artists could reference similar material ( dead trees) in  such diverse ways.

Walking to Victoria Gate there were some sculptures still under wraps and others unpacked although surrounded by construction fence. Exciting times ahead!

Friday 4 May 2012

David Nash at Kew - Installation

 A couple of weeks ago the instillation  of the David Nash sculptures at Kew commenced, starting with the winching into position of 'Oculus Block 2010'  outside the Nash Conservatory . The components of 'Chinese Irons, 2010' look like they're queuing up to get in!

 I've been looking forward to this exhibition enormously - the talk by the artist to staff was very popular and he was a very informative and amusing speaker. Much  as I was inspired by  having the Chihuly and Henry Moore exhibitions here , this is of a different order, mainly because he's working on site producing new work.

It gives a whole new perspective - I'm even looking at the skips with a new eye! I haven't yet been down to the 'wood quarry' but will be doing so very soon.