Friday 18 January 2019

30 Day Sketchbook 19 continued

Day 18: 'Trees'

   I'm really enjoying  the prompts  for the 30 day sketchbook challenge and have been keeping up, even today ( above)  with a plumbing emergency  with water  pouring through 2  ceilings from a leaking shower, it was a welcome distraction.   Working small ( A6) helps  and I've been spending about 15- 20 minutes, a bit  more if I've been getting into it .    
Day 10: 'Red' 
Day 11: 'Furniture'

Day 12 : 'Botanical Study' 
  Drawing  a  sprig of shrub  from the garden reminded  me of  the beautiful  carved frame my paternal grandfather  made  inspired by  ' copybook'  drawing manuals , he was a pattern maker on the Glasgow shipyards and a gardener. The photo is of my grandmother ( who sadly died when my Dad was just 13) - you ca see where I get some of my curly hair genes from !

Day 13: 'Books' 
 My favourite - represents about a 3rd of my collection ' There's no such thing as too many book'
Day 14: ' Something beginning with R' 

Day 15: ' Your Art Materials'
Day 16 : ' Something Hot' 
( on the Facebook page this generated a  large amount of 'likes' and comments, or should that be steam...) 
Day 17: 'Something Cold' 
 Not inspired  and  only spent 10 minutes on this  but it's important to  do it anyway. 

Wednesday 9 January 2019

Drawing with the Gift of Time

  Most of December was spent looking after  Ian  following surgery . He's back at work now  and  with surprisingly little in my diary for the next few weeks  I have the gift of time to  think  what I want to do this  year and get back into the habit of drawing. And at some point I will try and catch up with the backlog of blog posts....

 I can't get to 'Drawing Tuesday'  until next week but as Margaret has written  on her blog, we had a lovely session before Xmas at Janet K's -  as we weren't in a museum with the strict rules on 'dry' drawing materials, I took my watercolours and used them to capture Carol's childhood treasures.

I  wanted to  return to the discipline of daily art  - ' Wind Me In the Sea' started as that  in 2017 as a sort of daily stitching  and in 2013 I kept up working with colour catchers for several months.  I'll have several sewing projects  planned  in preparation for an exhibition in September   so  bought 12  A6  paperback sketchbooks  with the intention of  filling one a month.

Day 1: Something small 

So I started   recording my sewing kit  and then  a shell from my collection of small treasures  then discovered  #30daysketchbookchallenge19   and found that the first 2 prompts had co-incidentally  been 'something small' and 'Shells' and have  now signed up.   I'm enjoying what  other people are posting  on the groups Facebook page and the encouragement offered ( like getting into the habit is more important than necessarily producing a wonderful  drawing ) .  So here are my efforts so far. 
Day 2: Shells 

Day3 : A bag 

Day 4: cubes 

Day 5 : Five 

Day 6: A kitchen utensil

Day 7 : birds 

Day 8: Footwear

Day 9: Under The Sea