Thursday 13 July 2017

Wind Me in the Sea : July Update

  As we're (more than) half-way through the year, I thought it was time I gave an update on my daily/train stitching project 'Wind me in the Sea'

 I started in January , stitching scraps of indigo to both sides of a strip of Japanese kasuri kimono fabric. Those of you who follow me on  Facebook have endured many snaps of  it's progress  on Javelin line trains  travelling between Faversham and St Pancras ( sometimes a bit further afield)  The   comfort thimble is on a piece of elastic as I lost it on the floor so many times  as are the spools of  thread ( which are now much reduced in size). A couple of weeks ago I had  to start using 2 tables (below) as I joined 2 strips together ( I've now started a 3rd new strip which is more portable)  

  In January it looked like this ( above)  and has now grown to  over 2.5 metres ( below)
 I'm starting to play around with how I might display it, I still like the idea of a continuous Mobius strip (it's double sided) but it's not quite long enough for that yet

Suspending it from fishing line might be interesting so it wafts around ( it looks best with light through it) or perhaps putting stiffened wire down the edges so it can be manipulated?

 Or rolled up and placed on a surface in waves?

 Meanwhile the basket of scraps is overflowing and I still get excited trying different combinations of fabric ,threads,  stitch and spacings ( I'm trying to leave more of the background fabric showing through). This week it's been tennis stitching


Sandy said...

Looking good!
The difficulty with wire to manipulate is that soon it takes on kinks that never go away and seem to be in just the wrong spot when you try a new position.

Debbie said...

Love this piece