Friday 18 October 2013

Aldeburgh Inspiration

If you're in Suffolk, you have to go to Aldeburgh and admire Maggi Hambling's 'Scallop'  commemorating the music of Benjamin Britten. The incised words:"I hear those voices that will not be drowned" are from Peter Grimes. Apparently controversial when installed, it was very popular when we visited with children clambering under, over and through it - I love to see interaction with a sculpture.
The patterns in the waves and sky  were constantly changing

There were  several boats with layers of peeling paint - this red one was particularly appealing.
I picked up  this rather large piece of rusting metal lying nearby much to Ian's disgust- he couldn't believe I wanted to take it home.  Once I'd explained about rust dyeing however, he caved in.  

Orford Inspiration

Our room at the Crown and Castle had a terrace overlooking the Castle! Amazing sunsets.  After a fantastic evening meal in a private dining room there , we walked off a wonderful breakfast  wandering along the edge of the shore opposite Orford Ness (  we didn't take the ferry across to the NNR itself) . I took so many photos , particularly of the  experimental coastal defences in different stages of  decay, these are just a selection. Inspiration for a long time to come.

Woodbridge Inspiration

So much to  blog about, a lot of catching up to do with all we've been doing recently. Can't believe it's 3 weeks since we  were treated by friends Sue and Peter to a luxurious and restful weekend way in Orford, Suffolk at the Crown and Castle. We stopped off at Woodbridge on the way - wonderful quirky buildings, a splendid fish and real ale lunch at Ye Olde Bell and Steelyard  and inspiring mudflats and distressed  boats.
The local school  had a sponsored walk going on - hundreds of kids and teachers in fancy dress. It's not often you're directed across a  zebra crossing by Snow White wielding a walkie talkie1

Monday 14 October 2013

Knit and Stitch

 Back from Weymouth and Ian came with me to Knit and Stitch at Ally Pally - lots to enjoy although there seemed to be far fewer galleries. It was very, very busy which was a bit overwhelming at times particularly having just been on a relaxing break! Some very interesting work in the graduate showcase, I bought this embroidered piece by Jan McGarry, intrigued by the shadows it cast.  I thought it would look good beside pieces by Gill Banks we have in the sitting room  and  it does .
The main reason I went was so I could  see the  work of Dorothy Caldwell and it blew me away even more than the work at FoQ a few years ago. Her pieces with  bold stitches with thick thread  coated with pigments from the Australian Outback were stunning. I particularly  wanted to see her work up close as I'm lucky enough to be doing a workshop with her at Masseria del Zingera next week!
 Of course I had to do a bit of shopping of supplies for this - the bags of scraps from Jo Lovelock in earthy colours will I'm sure be useful as will the  glace cotton threads from Empress Mills. And of course I had to buy some more fabric from Magie Relph - I can't get the depth of indigo in my won dyeing.
As we were leaving and taking a last look at Dorothy's work, I saw these wonderful handwoven  silk scarves  in the next booth(Tribal Heritage) . Had to buy an indigo one( well they were reduced being the end of the show)  , whether to wear or use with my other indigo fabrics not sure yet. Then talking to Dorothy again, she's also just succumbed.

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Painting Promentary

 Back in Ferrybridge Cottages, Wyke Regis for a few days. Yesterday we walked over to Portland , up the Merchants Incline and went for lunch at the Jailhouse Cafe in HMP Verne . Lovely food, excellent coffee and a very worthwhile venture training inmates for the catering trade. Worthy of the great ratings it has on Trip Advisor.

Today I wanted to try a painting experiment suggested by Susan Gray when I was at Slapton of pianting directly on primed canvas, the advantage being can just roll up the canvas and put it in your bag! I headed round the corner from the cottages on to the end of  where the railway line once was  and I had a fine time splashing paint around , with the occasional dog ( and their owners ) coming to investigate. Could only do it for just over an hour before the kneeling posture got too much.   The trellis in the backyard   proved a useful drying station while we walked into Weymouth along the Rodwell trail. Will do some more work on it on Friday morning, tomorrow it's Tout Quarry Sculpture Park.