Friday 18 October 2013

Aldeburgh Inspiration

If you're in Suffolk, you have to go to Aldeburgh and admire Maggi Hambling's 'Scallop'  commemorating the music of Benjamin Britten. The incised words:"I hear those voices that will not be drowned" are from Peter Grimes. Apparently controversial when installed, it was very popular when we visited with children clambering under, over and through it - I love to see interaction with a sculpture.
The patterns in the waves and sky  were constantly changing

There were  several boats with layers of peeling paint - this red one was particularly appealing.
I picked up  this rather large piece of rusting metal lying nearby much to Ian's disgust- he couldn't believe I wanted to take it home.  Once I'd explained about rust dyeing however, he caved in.  


Ineke said...

Love the boats!

Margaret Cooter said...

Lovely place, Aldeburgh - looks like you had some excellent weather!