Monday 13 April 2020

Keeping Going

World turned upside down ( or running empty ? ) 

 Today we  had our traditional Bank Holiday  brunch , yesterday we had  our usual Easter lamb with veg ; summer pudding and ritual sacrifice of a Lindt chocolate  bunny.  In some ways  it didn't feel that different  to usual  holidays when  we have  quality time together  but outside the bubble of our dining room the world  around is a scary place 


 We've been focusing on projects around the house , dismantling bookshelves, re-organising the garage ( and I've pumped the tires up on my bike ) and I've pulled out a lot of dandelions from the lawn
 We got a Waitrose delivery (ordered weeks ago) , probably the last for a very long time.

 I use ' Erica the Exercise bike' every day (  she was the subject I drew for Drawing Tuesday's ' Chairs' )

 And  going for a brisk walk round and round the rec , observing the squirrels, the trees coming into leaf and in this case my shadows. 

Last  weeks ' Drawing Tuesday' was 'Self- Portraits'   so I refreshed my rusty sewing machine drawing skills ( counterintuitive as you move the fabric rather than the drawing implement) 

In theory  have lots of time for creative projects  but  little motivation,  doing the ' Small Reflections' , the  'Drawing Tuesday'   sessions and the daily prompts   with the 'HottinGirls'   is  enough and all offer contact and support. 

 When  it was my turn to set the prompts , I used the titles from quilt exhibitions I'd been involved with and was amazed with the different  imaginative responses . My interpretation of 'Horizons'  was the rooflines from the bedroom (  my original  was ' Nautical Dawn'  which featured on the cover of the catalogue) 
 Other prompts have been more challenging eg  ' Quarantine '  ( 'Tahini Rage'- disproportionate rage over trivial things ) but also opportunities to reflect , tell stories  and find out more about each other
' Dig'  my mum's  trowel ,  well designed  and balanced , a pleasure to use.

 I miss  going to exhibitions in town , going to the sea,  my journeys  by train  but I'm enjoying the small things, like seeing  daisies come up in the lawn.  Keep safe