Monday 25 March 2019

EDAM Term 2: Monoprint and Artists Books

 I missed  the first of the 3 sessions  with Claire Hynds  on 'Experiments with hand printing'  as I was up in the Lake District on annual  NWCQ  retreat but as it was monoprinting ( which I've done a lot of)  I was able to take some samples  I'd done previously to the next class which was on artists books. I took along some of the 65 (!) prints  on fabric   at Studio 11 in Eastbourne ( above)  and some on paper from City Lit monoprint course  (below)

Claire started the session  with looking at the history of Artists books  from the early  20th century onwards  including Dada and Surrealism , Kurt Schwitters and Max Ernst ,  Italian Futurism early 'Zines'  and the '26 Gaseline stations' of Ed Ruscha   ( which I'd seen in BM  'American Dream' exhibition)
 She then showed   photos of various  book structures by contemporary  artists  : Alisa Golden  Fishbone fold and Fibonacci ( above)
Jenny Smith laser cut folded books ( above and below)
 Stef Mitchell  ' Field and Hedgerow'  fold out books  ( above and below) 
 Claire  had a number of print outs of instructions for different  structures,   and made photocopies of  our  monoprints /drawings to work with , time to have a go! 
I was pleased  with  nested accordion/ 'slinky book'   folds  and my first attempt  at covering  boards with paper, definately one to explore further. 

Mostly though I experimented with the simple folded one sheet - this one   was made from  failed painting from earlier EDAM  class  based on  photo from Puglia  with  photocopy of the same painting glued to the back. I cut through   in various places inspired by Jenny Smiths books

 The same approach used on another failed painting didn't work so well - the round holes a bit  clunky in comparison  with the slots and lines of the  drawing of the bamboo structure. 

The second  session of making artists  books was a workshop  where we explored ideas further.
I wanted  to have a go at making a ' star tunnel book' following  instructions in my copy of ' cover to cover'  by Shereen Laplantz only to find  it didn't  meet up ! Patti explained that  it would  if  I  added on more paper , it takes a lot more strips than you think ( her  wonderful  version ( below)   showed how it should look like!)   
  I then  tried different variations of   meander accordion sketchbooks ,  folding and cutting 1 sheet of paper.  I particular  like the one I did  using a photocopy of a print from collage class.

 I'd  brought in examples of previous book making including the  sewn ones from Dorothy Caldwell  masterclass  ( above)  and the  ' Australian reverse accordion piano hinge' booklets from Alice Fox workshop  ( and my  subsequent home -steamed drawings ) 

This   cunning   method  of combining simple  1 page book structures  proved popular and I  showed several people how to do it

 It worked particularly well  with  photocopies of my  prints ( 'zine' approach) , exploring  1  structure and letting  the prints speak for themselves. 

Breezy Birchington-On-Sea

 On  Friday 15 March after a very busy week at work for Ian   he took the day off and we went to Birchington-on Sea  for the day  with fishy lunch at  the 'Minnis Bay' .   It was very windy and wondered  whether we'd be able to walk  along the 'Viking Coastal Trail'  but as the tide was out ,  we were safe . 

 Evidence of  effects of high winds -  stones  and shells from the beach  thrown onto the raised pathway

 None of the usual banks of seaweed  but bare white chalk  revealed. 

Not many people around, a few dog walkers and  someone digging for bait

A Turneresqe sky

After lunch a walk  towards Reculver  with   views of my beloved breakwaters, source of so much inspiration (  and my prize winning quilt!
This lady  was  doing a photo shoot  of 3 very well behaved dogs - anything for treats! 

 A collection of items  provided inspiration for drawings.