Tuesday 25 October 2011

Sand Ghosts and Threads

Print 1: Dirty yellow ink applied with brayer to mylar sheet ( same one  as used for 'Green Sea' prints - halved  trips to the press!) Rayon standed thread applied to plate. On the print the white areas left are embossed (or should that be debossed?) 
Print 2: 'Ghost' print with threads removed - you get a dark outline around where the threads were.
Print 3: Another 'ghost print , this time with the threads added back after being on a green sea print - I love the subtle colours it adds in this detail (below)

Print 4 : Additional ink added then lines scored with end of paintbrush. If you look very carefully, there's still the very faint outlines of the threads beneath .

I got a lot out of this workshop - not least seeing what everyone else got up to. There's no way I'm going to use oil-based inks at home so I'll be interested to see how these techniques will work with acrylics or selectasine screenprinting inks  on fabric ( succumbed after all - George Weil is such a temptation!). Any idea where I can buy mylar sheets?It was a joy using the press - doing it by hand gave mixed results.  Might have to sign up for the class again in February...


Julie said...

Don't the threads give a wonderful mark? I almost said threadlike but I meant in the way that creatures leave marks on the shore. I haven't succumbed to the selectasine inks yet but when I can clear some working space and time I may well follow your example.

Consuelo said...

Paperchase in Tottenham Court Road sell polypropylene sheets which are great for monoprinting. Up to A1, easy to clean, can also be used to protect plate when using printing press and not expensive.
Love your prints, hope you have the oportunity to carry on.

Pheasant Run Studio said...

Interesting to see the printing effects.Since I work in mixed media your experiments inspire me.
By the way: I'll be in England for a 10 day pilgrimage in Nov. Looking forward to experiencing more of a great country.