Tuesday 11 October 2011

Changeable Chesil

 We certainly had variable weather in Weymouth! We arrived for the hottest weekend in October since records began (or similar) - having to rethink our packing from fleeces and thick socks  to short sleeved shirts and sunhats. On Sunday even at 10am the fishermen were out in force on Chesil beach.
By Wednesday however when we walked  on Portland we were glad of wind proofs and thermal tubes. Very difficult not to get camera shake while being buffeted by the winds at 'The Heights' viewpoint.

 The following day was even more bracing! My camera battery had given up so I was reliant on my mobile phone - not too bad for close-ups of pebbles but definately a bit ropey for distant shots although the graininess added the the dramatic seascapes.
 I got Ian to take some photos on my behalf of the dramatic changes in colour with cloud shadows - should have taken heed of the changing weather as a sudden downpour sent us racing for the bus. Thanks to great public transport  we were 'home' in no time.

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The Hardy Quilters said...

Changeable Chesil indeed.! Your last photograph of Chesil Beach would have been much different in the 1970's as there would have been two steeper ridges with a flat 'path' in between. The sea was not visible until you had climbed the second ridge. It is constantly moving but I think the landscape was changed a little by man when all the flood precaution works were done. Liz x