Tuesday 18 October 2011

Deductive Monotypes

 Deductive is seductive! After trace monotypes we moved onto 'deductive' which as the name implies, involves taking off some of the ink using rags dipped in white spirit, paraffin or in  my case 'Zest-It'. I also used brushes, tissue paper and cotton buds (for those blobby marks)
 These 2 prints were taken off the same plate - the one at the top was pressed by hand using a barren and a heavyweight roller. The one below was the result of going through the 'proper' press afterwards

Different results and effects - overall I prefer the hand pressed version but it took an awful lot of work.
We also covered 'additive' but I didn't get round to that. I need to think a bit more about what I want to do in the next session. Stitch-like marks in colour appeals .


Sandra Wyman said...

Am enjoying these posts enormously. Since Summer School I've really enjoyed exploring monoprint/monotype myself! Need to get back to it though. These are really intriguing - I'm impressed!

Julie said...

Fascinating mark-making Mags. I'll look forward to the next instalment. I haven't bought
Zest-it in years but it's good to know it's still available.

Catherine said...

Love this post, am inspired. Image-making at it's simpe best:~)