Friday 21 October 2011

October Boat Friday - 401st Post

Frustrated at not being able to save my Powerpoint presentation for Monday after several hours at the computer, I left work early and being a Friday, decided to revisit the boats along the river by Kew Bridge.
It was a very low tide - the water almost dwindles to nothing on the RH side of the 'Ait'.  I noticed quite a few gaps - there's been a lot of 'tidying up' with the new development. I wonder whether mooring costs have increased  or  not renewed so as not to block the views from the swanky flats?
Happily some of my favourites were still there.

As dusk started to fall and the temperature fell,  it was very atmospheric with the smell of woodsmoke. However romantic, I wouldn't want to live on one  and  was happy to cycle home to create nice smells of my own baking fruity bread.

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