Sunday 16 October 2011

Trace Monotypes

 Just back from  the first of a 2 day course at City Lit on Monoprinting. While I've had a go at this technique before both on paper and fabric , these used water-based media. This was my first attempt with  oil-based inks and access to a proper printing press - what a difference it  makes. Though my nails are appalling despite gloves , my head spining from the solvents  and it took half an hour to clear up!
 The first technique was inking up a plastic sheet then placing a sheet of paper over it and drawing into it (being careful not to get fingerprints on)
 Magic results when you peel the paper off and then the subtle negative print when put throught the press.

The tutor commented on the stitch-like marks( well one of the aims of the course was to relate it ito our own practice) Perhaps it was because I was using the same source photo as this journal quilt!

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