Tuesday 20 August 2019

Daily Drawing :June

Daily Drawing Update : July

Drawing Tuesdays : Petrie and Serpentine

Blogging after a long, long break  is hard , where do you start to  record  what you've  done  ( which is loads!! )  I wish there was a blogging app on my phone  as I mainly take photos on my  phone now and post them regularly on Instagram   and occasionally  on Facebook.  And the 'reflective'   stuff is partly carried out in sketchbooks now. But I do like to 'mine' my blog  to find what I was doing years ago so I feel  that I need to update it now and  then . 
So as it's a  Drawing Tuesday, even though  I haven't been  for a couple of weeks, it seems appropriate  to start off with the last  couple of outings. 
The Petrie  Museum was my choice  so I felt obliged to go ( not that it's a hardship, I love that place  as you can see from previous visits here, here and here     

 I've got a thing about different shaped vessels at the moment ( so what's new! ) and had  a gift of carpenters pencils  in  earth colours to try!   

  So much to choose from , love these hedgehogs !
 Earlier  in  July  I'd  gone to the Serpentine,  drawing the  slates of the Pavilion   and fitting in  seeing  Faith Ringgold  and  Luchita Hurtado   exhibitions. What inspiring women!!