Saturday 16 March 2019

EDAM tutorial - a lot to think about

On Saturday 9 March, I had my EDAM 2nd Term tutorial with Ute Kreyman. Filling in the questionnaire   and talking through how the drawing course was feeding into my art practice gave me a lot to think about.  I took in the cloth I'd been working on when on  sewing retreat in Glenthorne and  photos of both my drawing and textile work  as a basis for discussion 

I'm really enjoying the challenge of EDAM, learning to love charcoal and working on large scale, moving away from   representational to more abstract, reacting to layers and marks rather than preconceived pictorial idea.

Of particular value/interest   in regards to composition  and large scale mark making was large scale drawing  with Tony Hull,  starting off  with blind drawings of object,  building up layers , drawing wrapped object   then disrupting  what had produced, adding extra paper. 
 I started off by showing past work  in quilts – square/rectangular  format as  I will be working on 2 similar  pieces  for group exhibition at Creek Creative, Faversham in September . 

 With   my most recent piece ‘Wind Me In  The Sea’  ( currently exhibited in  7th European Quilt Triennial )  I've  been looking  at  working in  a more 3D  format , double sided, continuous loop. 

          I'm interested in recording journeys/mapping ( carrying out research both online and in books - I received several for Xmas! ) and  was am inspired by the Oceania exhibition at RA, the  teachers notes on Marshall Islands map and John Pule

 Besides my drawing practice ( sketching every day  as well as the EDAM work) I talked about the 
importance  of ‘ Mapping a Sense of Place’  with Mathew Harris -  going for a walk , collecting
 objects, recording  memory of    walk   in inks on paper/ primed calico strip . Blind drawing of 
objects collected then 6 tasks in   a chosen ‘space’ (looking at line, repetition, shadow etc ) and 6
 processes ( paint, stitch, collage , etc) order  selected using dice. 

I'd tested out and repeated  the procedure   in my  recent   sewing retreat in Lake  District  with addition of making  quick sketches  along  walk as aide memoire  ( as well as taking photos ) .I also made detailed drawings of some of the objects I collected. 
This process has a lot of potential that I wish to explore further in local area ( eg walk to station)

 In moving towards a more sculptural approach Ute suggested I could: 
-  look at   work of David  Smith -  sculpture with sense of drawing  eg Hudson River Landscape 
( which was one of my favourite pieces in the Abstract Expressionism exhibition at the RA )

-          Try using fabric  manipulation , use like clay or wood , keep small
-          Drawing in 3d  with mark- making  ( strips of fabric/ thread)
-          Collaging  2d to 3d (colour compositions)
-           Reference  the intermediate drawings  of wrapped object from large scale drawing

 I've always been interested in ceramics, old pots and pot shards , “ the hand of the maker “

 (  and attempted  a 3D piece in fabric before (‘Taplow Vase’)  with mixed success!)   

We then  discussed  what I found most  difficult and ideas for the 3rd term individual project and exhibition . I  always have too many ideas,  and difficulty deciding what to concentrate on  ( Advice that can only understand 1 message in 1 piece, the rest  should be noted in sketchbooks )

The exhibition at RK Burt  will be  ‘Works on Paper’  .
As I  wish to  continue with ideas of mapping , I need to investigate how  paper can substitute   for 
fabric in  ‘cloth’   pieces ( concerns  about difficulties in stitching paper as it tears) 
I feel a shopping expedition coming on  to see what papers are available from Shepherds and test out 

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Olga Norris said...

Really interesting following your courses and your thoughts about progress through them. When I read that you are thinking about works on paper I wondered if you had come across Miceele Landel's collage/stitched paper/cloth work:
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.