Sunday 16 September 2018

7th European Quilt Triennial opens in Heidelberg

 Today, I've been wishing I was in Heidelberg for    the opening and award ceremony for the 7th European Quilt Triennial.   But as I'm still recovering from excellent 2 day painting course with Ashley Hanson at Creek Creative ,  and with lots going on in the next few weeks it's probably just as well I decided  not to make the  journey. 

I hope my piece 'Wind Me in the Sea'  looks at home  in  the gallery as it did flapping against my garden fence - I sent very detailed hanging instructions but in the end, it will look different in every location its hung. It was difficult to take decent photos - I look forward to receiving the catalogue.  

 Meanwhile my current 'train stitching' project  is beginning to  take shape. I've been experimenting with  adding more colour and am gaining in confidence trying out new stitches and shapes,  getting excited by how its evolving.  It doesn't yet have a name , perhaps ' wrap me in the shore' ?

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Debbie said...

Just love Wind Me In the Sea, a beautiful piece.