Wednesday 12 September 2018

When plans fail

 Today was  the first free day in a while, I had all sorts of plans to catch up with blog posts. Ian was working from home too . Then the lan line and home hub died . I contacted BY using my mobile and the engineer is coming on Saturday. What to do - take the afternoon off and have    a leisurely lunch at The Sun... Ian is back in the office tomorrow and Friday and I'm doing a 2 day painting course at Creek Creative so we won't miss the internet too much . It's surprising how little these days you can do on the computer off line when can't edit Word documents for instance or use Photoshop. This is my first foray into writing a blog post on my phone
  On Monday I did a talk for Keene Quilters tech free ( I usually do a powerpoint) and while I couldn't show the pieces I'd sold, it was nice to share work spanning 30 years and see for myself the links between them.
 So without distraction of the computer I now have more time to do  some more ' black and white colour mixing and to draw some more small treasures

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