Saturday 16 March 2019

El Anatsui at October Gallery and Drawing Tuesday at Petrie Museum

Nearly a month since my last blogpost , too busy doing things to record  here  so a lot of catching up to do!
 Last Saturday  I had my EDAM Term 2 tutorial with Ute Kreyman  and I made the most of my trip up to London to fit  in  a visit afterwards to the October Gallery to see the El Anatsui exhibition. 
I nearly didn't make it as there was trouble  with the trains as signalling cables had been stolen overnight  and spent nearly an hour  on a stationery train . Just as well I had my sewing with me!  So I only had time for a quick lunch  in the British Museum Members Room before my tutorial. 

The El Anatsui exhibition  was of relatively small pieces ( if you compare them to the covering of the front of the Royal Academy!)  as well as some interesting prints. It was lovely to get so close to the work and the shadows cast were wonderful, I was very aware of the 3D sculptural qualities.   

On Tuesday I was once again back in the British Museum Members Room for lunch before an afternoon's drawing session at the Petrie Museum. One of my favourite places,  it's so  crammed with stuff it can be overwhelming and difficult to choose where to start.I just love all the pot shards and fragments. I was distracted initially by this wonderful footstool and  thanks to Carol , spent some time opening some of the many   drawers and finding bizarre collections.  

But as on my last visit there, I settled in  a chair with table to spread out my materials (including  new calligraphy pens)   in front of a cabinet  and drew just what was in front of me 

Pen and coloured pencil over initial rough pencil sketch 
Trying those new pens in continuous line ( sort of) 

Looking at the negative shapes

Toned Khardi paper with white gel pen, Uni pen, graphite, coloured pencil and limestone  from Deal Castle 

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