Monday 25 March 2019

Breezy Birchington-On-Sea

 On  Friday 15 March after a very busy week at work for Ian   he took the day off and we went to Birchington-on Sea  for the day  with fishy lunch at  the 'Minnis Bay' .   It was very windy and wondered  whether we'd be able to walk  along the 'Viking Coastal Trail'  but as the tide was out ,  we were safe . 

 Evidence of  effects of high winds -  stones  and shells from the beach  thrown onto the raised pathway

 None of the usual banks of seaweed  but bare white chalk  revealed. 

Not many people around, a few dog walkers and  someone digging for bait

A Turneresqe sky

After lunch a walk  towards Reculver  with   views of my beloved breakwaters, source of so much inspiration (  and my prize winning quilt!
This lady  was  doing a photo shoot  of 3 very well behaved dogs - anything for treats! 

 A collection of items  provided inspiration for drawings.

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