Wednesday 23 August 2017

More Breakwaters

Thank you for all your kind comments  about ' Birchington Breakwaters' winning  Fine Art Quilt Masters.   Names went in a hat and the winner of  the small textile sketch to celebrate 10 years of blogging is  ' Jill' .  Congratulations and thanks for  reading.  If you leave  your  address via  the contact page on my website, I'll post it to you.

Also at Festival of Quilts, I had a second piece made using a section of old quilt, this time painted, selected for  SAQA's ' Made In Europe II' imaginatively  called 'Birchington Breakwaters II' !
This exhibition will be on display at the West Country  Quilt and Textile  Show in Bristol  1-3  September.  Sadly won't be going this year as it clashes with the 'Hop Festival'  and a Proms concert  but had a super time last year exhibiting with Cwilt Cymru

I'm gradually coming back down to earth,  catching up on washing and boring house stuff and working out what to do next! I discussed mentoring with Christine  Chester at Studio 11 when I was on the 'Printing the  Coast' course  and have now booked a session for October to help me make some decisions.
Meanwhile on the stitching front  I had a  lovely day at the Rosegarden  in  Westmarsh  stitching bunting for Jan's wedding fueled  by cake and Pimm's   and finished  August's CQ Journal Quilt (  my theme is 'Traces, Places'  but it might just as well be 'Breakwaters' ! )

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