Tuesday 25 September 2007

Grand Union meets Thames

Boatyard at Brentford


Thames looking East

The Grand Union Canal meets the Thames

This weekend was the first visit of Ian's parents to view our new house. Besides admiring the space and light in the property we also explored the area along the canal. Ian had done a reccie in the morning while at the launderette and had discovered a road down to the Thames from the High Street .'Dock Road' leads past some locks and one of the few surviving boatyards down to where the Grand Union Canal meets the Thames. It's great that Brentford still retains some of its original history and function as waterside town despite all the development going on although I understand that the boatyard was under threat. As the area is tidal, its excellent for wildlife too - there were masses of birds on the mud flats.
The combination of brightly coloured industrial site, boats and tranquil waters is irresistible - I'll be back with my sketchbook! Ian felt rather proud of his discovery, knowing I'd like it, and rightly so.

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