Friday 26 October 2007


Continuing in the 'Moore' vein, I've been thinking about possible ideas for a possible ' Poetry in Stitches' submission (I'll write more aboout my previous entry 'Petra' in another post I think)
Among the poems to choose from is one called 'Giant' which describes a Henry Moore Madonna striding over the landscape.
I've taken several photos of the sculpture 'Large standing figure:knife edge' and playing with opacity in Photoshop, have superimposed the image over a quilt I made a few years ago based on Devon fields. I think it has possibilities - the decision is whether to make a landscape from scratch or to cannibalise the original quilt which I'm not totally happy with. The figure I think I would construct from metallic organza - it would probably be too dominant in opaque fabric

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Sue said...

I love the idea of this, reminds me of the Cerne Abbas giant, though this one is rather more substantial.