Friday 23 October 2009

Sunday Outing

Last Sunday we had a leisurely stroll around Kew Gardens - I may work there but I never get the chance to explore during the week. We'd booked to see 'Creation' at the Watermans cinema and had a couple of hours to kill after an excellent, great value Indian buffet ,overlooking the tide turn in the Thames. Some great subjects here for sketching (I'd even packed some drawing kit) but a bit too chilly to hang about. A brisk walk was in order to work off those bhajis and Cobra!
As it was sunny and bright, the gardens were very busy but heading towards the wilder parts near the Lion gate, it soon thinned out. I hadn't noticed the unused Unicorn gate before ( splendid beast on top)

There was hardly anyone in the conservation area and we had a sit down on this wonderful bench carved from a log ( it even had fungi growing out of it).

The peace and quiet was disturbed by flocks of green -necked parakeets being more than usually raucous. They were flocking around this feeding station and didn't scare off easily - there were loads of smaller birds hovering hoping to get their share

This week I've been fighting off a cold ( not suprising seeing so many of the conference delegates last week coughed over me!) and haven't made the progress I'd wished on my 'breakthrough' quilt, sleep being more attractive. Hopefully this weekend....

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Pat said...

thank you for the nice walk about....and i love that bench!