Monday 23 November 2009

Thames Valley CQ Group Meeting

Another splendid Thames Valley CQ meeting organised by Sandy. Linda Seward talked to us about publishing ( I knew she'd written some books but so many.....!! ) After a quick lunch we had a tour around South Hill Park. Being among creative folks, we found inspiration everywhere -the views of trees outside from the printing studio( above).

The tools in the jewellery studio

A scratched light box in the printing studio

The contrast of metal and wood on the 'acrobat ' sculpture

I couldn't resist giving a test run of my sketching gear for Tunisia with my home-made watercolour sketchbook and in discussions over tea,received lots of advice from people who'd done bookbinding courses on how I might achieve what I want. And that was besides all the textile related stuff! This group is such a find.

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Sandy said...

I haven't been over here for a while Margaret, but I enjoyed seeing the afternoon through your eyes.

And the last statement is quite an encouragement!Thanks!

I am just about to write a thank you to Jane O'Sullivan, so I will include a link to your blog so she can see how worthwhile the visit was to others besides a local!
Sandy in Bracknell