Tuesday 8 December 2009

Patched Door - December Journal Quilt

My December piece for British Quilt List Challenge is a different shape as I've made it up as my Contemporary Quilt Group Journal Quilt( 6 x 12"), saving having to do 2 in a busy month!
The technique was mosaic - applying scissor cut pieces of fabric to a sandwich of fabric, wadding and backing: stitching and quilting all in one - I like that!

I really enjoyed cutting up scraps and applying them to a photo of a Greek door printed on fabric - and it was so quick! The raggy edges of the scraps lend themselves to the textures of rough stone and wood.
As a non traditional quilter, taking part in the BQL challenge greatly added to my repertoire of skills even if sometimes the projects weren't really my thing ( thinking of these handbags for instance) But that's the idea of challenge isn't it, to do something you wouldn't normally tackle?

Now I've reviewing which group of 4 CQ JQ's I shall put together for display - doors or landscapes? I'll post some combinations and you can choose!


Helen said...

Hi Mags, I love the effect of the patches that make up the doorway. It reminds me of something very old but maintained. Gorgeous colours too.

Julie said...

What a great idea Mags, I like that you have left some of the base textures showing from the photoprint. The fabrics you have chosen work really well and I like the frayed edges too and the whole thing works tonally which is something I often find quite tricky. I shall look forward to seeing your sets of 4.