Friday 12 February 2010

Winter Landscapes-Purple Haze

In this weeks drawing class we were continuing our explorations in line and colour, this time applied to a picture of our own choice. I'd enjoyed copying the field patterns of Victor Pasmore last week so I chose a photo taken on our walks in Llangollen. W e were using A3 sized pieces of canvas - I struggle a bit with this small size but have to be realistic in a 2 hour lesson! I found the best brush for the stubble was one the knackered school ones ( something to add the the shopping list?)
Taking the photo of the painting this morning I noticed the colour palette was almost identical to the study piece I did for my current 'Honesty' project ( I'm writing this waiting impatiently for the delivery of an A1 drawing board so I can crack on with painting the quilt)
One of the best tips about painting from my class was to put a dilute wash of one colour over the whole canvas to both hide the white and also to unite all the elements. Surprise , surprise I used a wash of violet but then I see purple in everything!

Some more photos from our walk along the canal , cold and snowy but bright.

We turned back as the sun was going - you can just see the Pontcysyllte Aquaduct in the distance top left. Two days later we walked along the roads , approaching the aquaduct from the river


Sandra Wyman said...

Love your painting - something I struggle with!

Yor photographs make me wish I'd booked a longer stay in Llangollen (but then I can always return!)

And I know what you mean about purple - for me it's purple and gold (but then you've used gold too!)

Caterina Giglio said...

I just found your blog while out surfing this am. really like your aesthetics! i will have to visit again!

Julie said...

You have some wonderful photographs here Mags. We are staying in Llangollen for a week from the end of this month so I will be looking out for these views on our walks too. Looks like Wellies might be a good idea!

Lee said...

when you said you can see purple in everything, I noticed that all the subsequent photos had dashes or drifts of purple in them... Was that me, noticing you, noticing purple, or was it there all along?

Judy Martin said...

What beautiful photographs of your walk. I love the horizontals. The skeletal trees, the stubble. Very inspirational and beautiful tones and shades of purple.