Tuesday 20 April 2010

The view from my office (almost!)

The diseased trees in front of the building where I work have been cut down so now there is nothing between us and the cars in the Ferry Lane car park but a shallow fenced moat!Makes us feel a bit exposed - was startled by friends waving at me from the car park while unlocking my bike to go home! However it does have its compensations - apart from much more light , we can now see to the other side of the river. While consulting scientific journals in the upstairs office, I've watched fascinated as the boats appear and disappear with the tides and the patterns in the mudbanks change.

I particularly like the rusting metal and shapes in this old hulk, a different view from the one observed from the other bank at the Watermans

I can see me sneaking out at lunchtimes with a sketchbook and a pair of binoculars (this was the highest magnification I could get with my camera ) , looking shifty on the towpath!

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