Monday 12 July 2010

Fabric Gloat

From my design wall - the best examples from my recent CQ Summer school, from L to R : Potassium permanganate (mainly pole wrapped); Indigo stitched: Indigo pole wrapped
I just love the markings that different fabrics produce even under the same pole and dip regime in indigo
This top piece in potassium is about my favourite and mainly due to serendipity - I forget to wet the fabric and it's a calico with a lot of dressing in it - I just love those sparse lines.
Below it is my experiments with a Thermofax screen screen printing and discharging with lemon juice! And finally , the more usual results from pole wrapping - subtle but useful
Silk produces much darker results than cotton or linen

These stitched samples looked very disappointing whaen I first took them from the vat but as I washed them out they've grown on me- the subtle blue on blue is rather intriguing
Still not sure whether it's worth the time compared to the wondrous quick and easy patterns achieved with pole wrapping. Perhaps I just need to pull harder!!


Sandra Wyman said...

If you ever find you have too much... Seriously, makes me want to get out the dyes - but that'll have to wait till my FOQ entry's done!

Linda B. said...

I thought these might be yours when I saw them! Even though a lot of pole wrapping went on over the weekend the combination of line and colour has your name on them somehow.