Tuesday 10 August 2010

Childhood Memories -Dog Days

The theme of next CQ Suitcase challenge is 'Childhood Memories' and I'm not the only one that has been looking through old photos ( in my case it was about time they came up from the damp cellar for a sort) Wish I could still touch my toes!
My parents didn't take too many photos ( a surprise since Dad did his own developing at one stage and Mum took photos when she went travelling in Europe in the late 40's )

As most photos were taken on day trips/holiday which when we were younger was at the seaside ( Lake District later years) it fits in quite well with seascapes I've been making.
Not that you ever saw the sea at Southport - are you still allowed to park on the sands?
And I'm not sure I'd approve now of jumping off dunes knowing how it disturbs the ecology ( and might scare a Natterjack Toad!) But what fun it was!
My chief memories of holidays are that Jill , our Staffordshire Bull Terrior, came too and used to have a wonderful time digging holes burying stones ( and rolling in a dead seal on one memorable occasion!!)
I still haven't used the printed fabric that I produced on Jae Maries course at CQ Summer school last year that reminded me of Bamburgh Castle from Stag Rocks so I've been playing in Photoshop to see how I might use photographs in a non-obvious way. Maybe introduce some colour in the stitching?


Hilary said...

Mags, I would have recognised you without your name! And the final picture with the Photoshop treatment? - can't wait to see if you go down this route.


Sandra Wyman said...

Even as a baby you look so much like you!!

The final picture and the stitching idea sounds really promising.

See you next week.

neki desu said...

the first photo is simply adorable.
you could alter the photo using ps actionsand from then embellish.
i particularly like the polaroid transfer one. go here and poke around


JP said...

I just love those photos -whereabouts in Warrington did you live?