Sunday 12 September 2010

What about the Weir?

Whenever I've finished one project and am considering the options for the next, there's a plaintive cry from Ian of 'What about the Weir?'
This has been on my design wall, all layered up since February last year, when I did a whole series of journal quilts and paintings before carefully auditioning and choosing the fabrics.

Ian feels a personal connection to this piece , being based on walks we did together down the canal and wants it completed as it sums up a particular place and time ( and I suspect he also wants it for his office)
I've been so wrapped up in finishing quilts for particular exhibitions, challenges or shows that the design and painting courses I've done this August came at just the right time. Now is the time having digested them a bit to step back and think about what direction I want to take next.
So rather than consider entering challenges with looming deadlines to work to (like SAQA 'Beyond Comfort') perhaps it's time to plan longer term about what inspires me and what I want to achieve- proactive rather than reactive.
I like to have things at different stages and I want to work through getting away from a more photographic approach to a more abstracted one. Maybe it is time for the Weir.


Susan Briscoe said...

I like this. Reminds me of you showing those fabric cuts to Reiko in Japan.

I explained you couldn't meet them this time because we were too far away and you busy, so they are sending hellos!

JP said...

these pictures are lovely