Sunday 3 April 2011

A Productive Weekend

The week didn't end too well - an ATM ate my card!! But taking  Friday off work to sort out some of the financial fallout ( and Ian  paying a brief visit to his parents) meant I had some time to concentrate on various projects and accomplished quite a lot over the weekend. I put my new Pfaff walking foot through it's paces turning up jeans  that have been in the  wardrobe for a couple of year as well as Ian's new work trousers. I also  used my Journal Quilts as practice pieces and have got ahead of myself for once!
The theme was circles and  I've tried to develop each piece from the one before, based loosely on images from work
March 'Petri Dishes' was  manipulated using 'cutout' filter in Photoshop combined with some commercial fabrics.
April ' Positive Negative' again using Petri dish images cut out and the 'holes' also used.
May ' Stained Leaf Sections' printed micrographs of cut sections of leaves showing stained cells. The letters are a transition to the next challenge block - text.

I also finished off sewing the 'secret books' to the metal frames that make up my interpretation of the 'Taplow Vase' . The label will be in the interior - just name and title. I'm  happy to sell this piece but am struggling to price it. Should I price it using the same formula as my other work  or cheaper as it's an experiment which  uses less materials and time to make (although it took oodles of planning and thought)??

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Margaret Cooter said...

Great use of 'secret books' - I've been working on my own project, not getting very far ... but seeing this gets a lot of new-but-not-unfamiliar ideas going...