Sunday 5 February 2012

Lines in stitch and Ink

 I'm flagging a bit after an afternoon of pinning bits of indigo fabric up on the design wall for a new sea piece; making minute adjustments to placement of fabrics on 'red stick' ; doing some work on online course I'm repeating with Elizabeth Barton on 'Working in Series'  and sorting out stuff for going back to work tomorrow. So I'm setting myself up with a coloured khadi paper sketchbook and some threads to stitch in front of the  TV this evening. It's  a  different rhythm than stitching fabric but just as addictive. I got into making marks as part of 'Grey Side of Life' Sketchbook Project, starting off with pen and ink ( white gel pen and grey dip pen above )
 Then silver ink , pencil and stitch
 Then ink  copying stitch marks

This page showing the back of stitching vertical lines is my favourite!
I've signed up for Sketchbook Project 'Surface and Stitch ' so there will be more of this once I've replaced the horrid paper in the sketchbook.


Unknown said...

I'm still waiting for mt sketchbook! I love you you are doing at the moment! It looks very liberating!

Alex said...

Lovely elegant, flowing lines - I thought they were stitching at first glance!

Judy Martin said...

I love this.
I have a sketchbook for this project too, but have abandoned it.
No time. No time.

But I do have time to visit blogs and be refreshed by artists like you.