Friday 13 April 2012

Passing on Liebster Blog Award

Sandra van Velzen ' Rowing in the Morning'

It's not just the series of boats that she's been working on that draws me to  the work of Sandra van Velzen although I love the way she works with photographs, paints , hand dyed fabric and  dense stitching to create atmospheric pieces based on landscapes and  ideas that are important to her.
We met at a SAQA  event at the Festival of Quilts and have maintained the connection, making comments on each others blogs. So it seems appropriate to  pass on the 'Liebster Blog award' I received  from  Uta Lenk  to Sandra, who like Uta, also writes her  blog in 2 languages; in Sandra's case Dutch and English. Apart from  opening a window on art quilts in the Netherlands,  the main reason I  read Sandra's  blog  is for her vivid descriptions of the process of making art: showing work at different stages; asking questions; sharing  her  doubts and celebrating  the successes along the way.   

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Sandra said...

Wauw Mags, you made me blush with all of your compliments. Thank you!