Sunday 28 October 2012

Book Wraps from Scraps

'Field Notebook'
The muse is in hiding at the moment - after  working on 4 pieces concurrently earlier in the year, now I've completed them , I'm still deciding what to do next. Not that I'm short of ideas - thinking about  my replenished  indigo stash  I've bought Anne Woringers book   but meanwhile like Linda, if in doubt , make a book wrap! After the success of the sale of 'Little Gems'  at the Festival of Quilts a few years ago, CQ is  heading up next years Tombola, this time of bookwraps. As this is something I've been thinking of for a while  for my own sketchbooks, it seems a good  time to try out some ideas. The prototype above needs some tweaking, particularly the tie closure and it's a bit of a tight fit for the Seawhite 'starter' sketchbooks I'm  fond of using but it's a good use  of  an acrylic painted piece that didn't really work 
 I save all the offcuts when I trim my quilts  but it's a while since I've used any ( for this  Journal Quilt from 2008 below) so I've accumulated several baskets worth!  I've been having productive  fun trimming them down and sewing them together with zigzag.

 This is my favourite piece so far - it will make a good matching sketchbook cover to go with my sketching bag and camera case ( also made by recycling a failed project - the acrylic paint gives extra water resistant coating.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for posting this - what a lovely idea.

Julie said...

Great idea for bookwraps Mags. About time I made some too!

Margaret Cooter said...

Good idea for using the offcuts - somehow, zigzagging them together simply hadn't occurred to me. Simple is best!

Margaret Cooter said...

oops - the "prove you're not a robot" section kept coming up and I kept trying to get it right so that it would stop appearing - so you may have received some blank comments!