Monday 22 April 2013

Morandi Workshop - Poetic Still Lifes

On  Friday, met up with Margaret for  workshop at Estorick Collection in North London, based around the current exhibition of Morandi etchings and watercolours.  The tutor Thomasina had brought along an eclectic mix of objects to augment whatever we'd brought with us . Who knew you could get excited by a detergent bottle painted white!
I chose a wonderful duck-egg blue jug and a white painted bottle to go with my pewter vase ( which I've used before in various exercises) .
We were encouraged to do a number of quick sketches , using different materials and moving the objects around. I didn't spend too long on my  ink drawing before switching to  watercolours!

Every time I do a class , I enjoy it so much  I resolve to keep drawing but somehow life gets in the way. Off to Weymouth again shortly so determined to do some more sketching.

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Jill said...

Often visit, don't often comment, but you're taken me on a great trip through several thought provoking sights.