Sunday 4 August 2013

Proms and Paper

Yesterday  we went to out first Prom of the season - a Saturday Matinee at the Cadogan Hall near Sloane Square . Sarah Connolly has an amazing mezzo voice,  singing in 'Pheadra's Frock' borrowed from the production at Glyndebourne.  Afterwards, as in previous years we went to the nearby  Saatchi Gallery, where Ian bought me a colourful pair of artists brush earrings to wear on my painting holiday next week! The exhibition on 'paper' was thought provoking: used in so many ways from large scale drawings of overlapping pieces;  collage; paintings  to puppets, papercuts and diverse sculptures

Trees featured heavily from 'branches' made of layers of newsprint to delicate paper-cuts from paper bags(  I'll never look at a McDonalds bag in quite the same way again)

The structure made of kites had the wow factor.

I would have liked to have had more time to look at the suspended city made of tracing paper but the gallery was closing  and we were racing round to have a glimpse of everything  before they chucked us out ( we have a bit of a track record in that regard!)
Strangest and most intriguing was this papier mache boulder attached to the wall suspending belief.

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Margaret Cooter said...

The tracing paper city was fab, but my favourite thing was the first I saw - the huge monochrome drawings.

Hope your painting course didn't get too wet, earlier this week!