Sunday 9 February 2014

Connection at Forge Mill Needle Museum

 'Red Remnants'  detail
 'Red Remnants'  24" x 48"
 'Red Ripples' 24" x 48"
 'Red Ripples' detail
 I'm thrilled to say that 2 pieces I made as guest artist  with Cwilt Cymru for an exhibition on the theme of 'Connection'  will be at  Forge Mill Needle Museum from 11 February to  9 March. I won't get a chance to see the exhibition there but will definitely be going to Llandidloes Minerva Gallery  when it opens there in the summer.  Both quilts were made from the same ragged red and cream strippy coverlet I use for 'Red Flotsam' and 'Nautical Dawn'  ( which is currently touring as part of the CQ Horizons exhibition).  'Red Remnants' literally used almost every last scrap from the previous 3 quilts!
I would love to have the opportunity to show all 4 pieces together  at some point.

 And the 'connection' to Wales?  My first job after I graduated was  doing  grassland surveys of Gwent in 1993/94  and I lived in Abergavenny, joining the local quilt group, helping with the quilting on their Castle  quilt which featured in the local paper. The start of both my botanical career and quilting journey.


Ineke said...

Congratulations, well deserved!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see all these pieces together. I hope you get an opportunity to show them altogether at some point - difficult when some of them go to a single show and then don't come home for 8 months!!

Best wishes


Margaret Cooter said...

Ah, so thrifty, that reuse of every last scrap ... giving that old quilt another nine lives - and sending it off on new adventures. Surely there will be a time when all four are reunited.

Heather said...

Congrats! Gorgeous work, and as Margaret says, I like that you have given an old quilt such vivid new life.