Friday 28 March 2014

Leeds City Art Gallery and train stitching

There's something about seeing a favourite artwork for the first time in the flesh  after only seeing it in  print/on the web.  My treat on Wednesday while in Leeds for  a meeting  was seeing Paul Nash's 'The Shore(1923) ' in the City Art Gallery  in the 20 minutes I had  spare before catching my train. I'd gone to see 'Winter Sea' again  but I think I have a false memory  of seeing it there as the postcard I have is from York!
'The Shore' and various other works  based on Dymchurch, gave me a lot of inspiration on compositions when I was working on 'Bexhill Breakwaters'
On the train home, stitching with my snarled, enlarged tangle of threads ( it keeps getting added to!) pulling out colours for one of the journal quilts made of scraps inspired by Rydal, thinking of the  main type of sewing I do on trains, planning my indigo vat this summer



Marian Hall said...

You've inspired me to look at Paul Nash! Thank you.

Sandra Wyman said...

And you're inspiring me to do more hand-stitching.

And Paul Nash is one of my favourites too

Vicki Miller said...

I love his wittenham clumps drawings and paintings