Friday 1 August 2014

Shabby Delights - another Boro find

Another 'shabby chic' find from ebay  with (to me) delightfully peeling and disintegrating layers of fabric. Washing it resulted in lots of tiny bits of rotted fabric in the machine and over the floor when it was drying (think large tissue left in wash) but worth it! No large woollen scarf as batting as in my previous hidden treasure purchase but scraps here and there which make me think it's a similar vintage and the backing is a heavy homespun twill like the red and white quilt I used for my Cwilt Cmyru pieces which was lovely to hand stitch.

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Annabel said...

eBay. Once I get started on that, I'm lost for hours. I'd never thought of checking for such things though, so now you've added to my wish list!!