Friday 20 February 2015

Art Adventures

  Bela Kolarova ' Swatch of Snap Fasteners 11'
 Josef Albers 'Homage to the square:post autumn'
 Lygia Clark 'Red Matchboxes'
Klara Liden 'Untitled (Poster Painting)'

 My first week  since finishing work has mainly been spent sorting out finances and paperwork  with  visit of estate agent to value property and beginning to sort out my stuff for retreat next week at Rydal.  But yesterday was my first expedition up to town to visit art galleries during the working week ( first of many  I hope).  The current Whitechapel Gallery exhibition ' Adventures of the Black Square'   was  definitely worth the entrance  fee (alas,  I had to hand  in my staff pass which got me in free to  many exhibitions   when I left Kew).  Besides the familiar Mondrian and Albers ,more  powerful in reality than in print, there  was  much that resonated in terms of subject matter ( peeling posters of Klara Liden; crumbly walls and doors of Clay Ketter; David Batchelor's 'found' monochromes ) ; so many artists new to me( many of them women); such imaginative use of materials.  Textiles featured prominently - I'll be writing more about  that in a Ragged Cloth Café Blog post  including  Anni Albers; Rosemarie Trockel; Adrian Esparza; Sophie Taeuber-Arp.
As with the Emily Carr  exhibition I had to buy the catalogue straight away - I couldn't wait to have it posted!

 Besides the  biological recording  courses I'm doing to revive my rusty botanical skills , I've just booked for 2 courses at City  Lit  to  give my art-making  a kick start - ' develop your drawing'  and 'printmaking  on Mondays starting 20 April.


Sandy said...

I love the one with 'snap fasteners'.
It will be fun do peer over your shoulder while you discover more art!
All the best with the courses.

Maggi said...

It sounds like your retirement has got off to a good start. Enjoy your courses.

Olga Norris said...

You should certainly make the most of City Lit courses while they are still on your doorstep!

magsramsay said...

Thanks, I should point out that I'm not actually retiring yet( that won't be for at least another 7 years ) but taking a career break.