Tuesday 21 April 2015

Sketching at British Museum :Assyria Lion Hunts

 Another Tuesday  drawing with Margaret Cooter and Co at the  British Museum , this time in room 10A, Assyria Lion Hunts
 The carving of this 'doghandler'  ( and the pattern on his belt ) were exquisite. I've never really drawn reliefs before and it's difficult to capture the quality of line and the 3D aspect that is neither like sculpture or painting but somewhere in between. I wished I'd chosen something a bit simpler than the stylised hands. Love those thumbs but  an object lesson in drawing what you see rather than what you think you see.
 I  worked with pencil first then moved onto pen  when I got too frustrated losing the structure- and  found I was getting  things wrong in a different way!
  Still a very satisfying morning, not thinking about  being creative but just getting stuck in and observing.
No sketching next Tuesday as it's my birthday but I will be returning to the British Museum for the ' Indigenous Australia'  exhibition which opens on Thursday - these bright poles were already in position.

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Aussie Jo said...

It is good to see your sketching, reminds me that I must do regular practice. The indigenous poles look interesting, is this an exhibition of contemporary indigenous art?