Thursday 3 September 2015

Shifting Patterns: Pacific Barkcloth at the British Museum

 Visiting the 'Shifting Patterns: Pacific Barkcloth '  exhibition at the British museum  for 'drawing Tuesday' this week  ( more in another post),  reminded me that although I'd visited twice before , I'd neglected somehow  to blog about it!  Besides some wonderful examples of exquisite and dynamic drawing and painting, the  hand of the maker  in evidence, the processes and tools used are shown and explained, Fascinating and covetable, well worth multiple visits.  Searching for more details about certain items , I found that as most of the items  from the collections, a search on 'Pacific Barkcloth' on the BM website  brings up a wealth of information and  much better photos than were possible in the  reduced lighting  where they were displayed.

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