Tuesday 13 October 2015

Sketching in African Gallery at British Museum

 Today's sketching in  British Museum was supposed to be back in the Barkcloth but on arriving early and going up in the lift, there was a notice to say that gallery was closed!   Texted Margaret  that  I was heading off to the African Gallery  and the others joined me there. It was a mixed choice - wonderful objects but rather dark and very busy, mainly with school groups who were also drawing so bench space was at a premium! I  bagged a bench in front of these amazing throwing knives  with their wonderful shapes and patinas. The disadvantage of being some distance away ( and the poor light) meant I missed the exquisite incised designs on them. Next time I'll see if I can get a sketching stool.
Swivelling on the bench ( reluctant to give up my hard won seat)  I gazed up at a huge tower of large pots.

 You can just see a bit of the 'warty' one in the photo ( I enjoyed making marks in my sketch)  The water pot I drew with it's multiple openings looked, the others thought, like a heart.
And finally   in the last 20 minutes, on a different bench shared with some students,  a wooden mask ( they were very impressed I was drawing with a pen!)  Then lunch and a visit to Ai Weiwei at the RA on the way home ( another post)


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