Wednesday 18 November 2015

Sketching at British Museum : Barkcloth Spirit Masks

Yesterday on ' Drawing Tuesday', we returned to the Barkcloth exhibition at the British Museum. Having seen the exhibition several times now, I knew what I wanted to concentrate  on which was these  three monsters ( or spirit masks )
 I started off with a  very quick sketch with a large graphite stick to work out  basic shapes  then started with pencil to work out the elipses of this beast. Lots of rubbing out ( the patterning was added with pen)

 What  interested me most were the  contrasting lines in this mask - the sharp spines of it's snout compared with the organic shapes of the grasses/ fibres. I used several techniques - scoring in the paper  with metal  wire then rubbing over with graphite ; 2h and 4b pencil lines; graphite stick; eraser ( Tombow   2.5 x 5mm).
I liked the effects I achieved - I'm aiming to draw from a blown -up version of this photo to really observe what's going on. 
No time to attempt the 3rd mask (' Cousin It') before  well-deserved lunch (  salad and Portuguese custard tart) . Then I braved the wind and rain to go to the  Courtauld Gallery for  glider paintings of Peter Lanyon - reduced entry with my ArtPass .  Just 2 rooms but spent a long time absorbing their atmosphere. Wonderful.  



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