Sunday 31 January 2016

Windy Weymouth

Back in Weymouth for a weeks holiday - I have lots of creative breaks lined up for the year but   we both need some time away from unpacking boxes and planning what to do in our new house. It's also become a bit of a tradition to come here around Ian's birthday. Yesterday after a stroll at the end of the Rodwell Trail  we headed over to Portland. Very windy around Chesil Beach and a lot of debris washed up. A depressing amount of brightly coloured plastic but also a lot of wood - there were a lot people beachcombing taking away logs  and branches and even what looked like a large wheel. 

It's our 9th visit to Mariners View, definitely a home- from -home now  which adds to the instant relaxation effect. This time there was a new dishwasher  and a lovely stained glass window in the front door   which cast amazing  coloured shadows.

The parasurfers were out in force making the most of the wind ( I counted 15). Rather them than me.... We're content to have strolls based around  nice meals - Cove House Inn yesterday and New Inn for Sunday roast today. Ian has requested Rodwell Trail followed by Nothe Tavern tomorrow.

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