Wednesday 17 February 2016

Seeing Double - Studio update

 On  Monday, took delivery of my second Sewezi table so that I can use both my Pfaff Grandquilter and Bernina activa 125 at the same time ( the Pfaff is particularly heavy to move around) I also had them both serviced, they're positively purring now.

 Apart from the 5 sets of plastic shelves for  fabrics, paints and equipment, on Sunday we put together a bookcase for my folders and sketchbooks ( just need to find them now among all the sealed book boxes...)
Now I need to find a source of the interlocking polystyrene insulation boards I like for design walls - I had to chuck my existing ones when we moved ( they already were so worn they had no corners!) Large flattened cardboard boxes aren't so effective once they've been used.
 My first Cwilt Cymru 'cynefin' quilt is finished bar the label, just 2 weeks to complete the second.


Margaret Cooter said...

There's nothing like a deadline to get things going - and having two machines set up is going to be a big help!

Maggi said...

I only bought a different insert for my other machine but I wish now that I'd bought an additional table. Your studio is looking so good.