Wednesday 31 August 2016

Drawing Tuesday: Pots at the Petrie

A glorious afternoon drawing at the Petrie  Museum - a bit tricky to find buried in the depths of  the University of London  ( battling past hoards of gowned graduates and their families).  So many treasures crammed into a  small space, the amount of ceramics  was overwhelming, in the end I chose 1 shelf and looked closely at the contents and tried out    a range of different drawing media   
Lovely swirly patterns  of decoration
  A lovely bowl  that Margaret spotted before I did ( next time ...)
 I liked the difference between the cracks and gaps and the vague inscribed marks and used sanguine and sepia pens over an earlier 'blind drawing' of other subjects 

  But I concentrated mainly on this little black broken vase with it's  scored  white marks. I   'drew these first with a leadless propelling pencil  and then rubbed graphite over the top.
  We indulged in coffee and cakes , sitting outside  with wide ranging  talk  on a variety of subjects.  I hope we go back soon!

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Charlton Stitcher said...

I have been following Margaret Cooter's lovely blog for sometime so it's fascinating to see your drawings.