Sunday 11 September 2016

SAQA Benefit Auction

 My  donation to SAQA's Benefit Auction is featured today on the  SAQA  Regional  Blog.  It's already been included in several ' Dream collections' which is very gratifying.  Details of how the auction works are here.

 This piece was started at the same time ( 3 years ago!) as my larger quilt  shown above  for  the TVCT exhibition 'Halfway Between' and  a detail of the stitching was used in the Knit and Stitch brochure !   A lot of people think that there's  rust dyeing but its mainly African kola and indigo with some of my own indigo shibori fabrics  and photos of sand ripples manipualted in Photoshop printed on fabric

 My last Benefit Auction donation ( above )  sold for $350  so I hope this years is equally successful.

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