Sunday 26 February 2017

Nottingham Wedding ( with uninivited guest)

On Thursday , we travelled up to  Nottingham for the wedding of Ian's goddaughter Hester on Friday , a lovely occasion   though we could have done without 'Doris', several guests  were delayed or had to cancel
The ceremony was followed by tea and cake at the back of the church ( what a  great idea ) with the wedding cake  provided by best man/ bake off contestant Tom Gillford. So the  wedding 'cake '  cut at the reception was a tower of cheese ! The  fantastic origami swan table decorations  were made by Hester's brother Edward ( one came home with me )

 Cheese Wedding cake
Bride and Godfathers

 We got off relatively lightly with our travels on 'Doris Day'  with a delay of only 4 hours. It was  service as usual from Faversham into London but then there were no trains from St Pancras to Nottingham. Advised  to travel to Grantham from Kings Cross we  ground to a halt outside Stevanage for about 2 hours due to a warehouse roof on the tracks . Gr Waiting at Grantham station was the worst part - bitterly cold and windy but the  windswept sunset skies were spectacular.  
Before the wedding ceremony we spent a few hours at Nottingham  Castle, very well laid out and interesting museum with this giant pumpkin by Kate Malone amongst other contemporary ceramics .
I had a good look around the textile section while Ian was  chatting to the volunteer in  the regimental museum . Each to there own - besides the Torvill and Dean costumes from 'Balero' at Saravejo  and some medieval fragments, I loved this mummers shirt.  Then Ian found a friend in the castle gardens:
' a bit less scary than the wife'

Tomorrow I'm off up to Rydal Hall in Cumbria - hope 'Ewan' doesn't disrupt travel plans too much....

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